• July 12, 2022

5 Reasons Why Every Cricket Fanatic Should Play Fantasy Cricket

5 Reasons Why Every Cricket Fanatic Should Play Fantasy Cricket

With the likes of Indian T20 League, T20 World Cup and other major cricketing events covering all the hype of the globe, the secret of this excitement is deeply rooted in the foreground of our beloved country.

The love for cricket in India is so huge that you will find young and old alike, playing this sport right from the streets to big grounds. And to take this craze much further, fantasy cricket is another addition to this fandom.

The game is not only for entertainment purposes but also gives the fans a taste of the sport off the field with a view of winning real money.

However, if you want to play fantasy cricket game online the right away, the most important thing is to find the right app.

There are thousands of apps that allow fantasy cricket game on their apps, but you should be selective about the choosing the ideal one for you.

Whenever we watch cricket or play ourselves, we often pass on judgements or decisions as to how the delivery should’ve been bowled or how the catch could have been taken.

We always seem to have a better opinion rather than the player himself.

Following we cite 5 reasons as to why a cricket fanatic should play or opt for fantasy cricket online that not only make him/her enjoy the sport but also win real cash prizes & have fun all the way.

1. Just because you LOVE cricket

You play fantasy cricket that’s because you love the sport dearly! Remember the days when you unfurled the tiranga on the night when India clinched the 2011 World Cup or when MS Dhoni lifted the 2007 WC.

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So if you are an ardent fan of this sport & if you love certain cricketers, then fantasy cricket online is the ideal fit for you.

The enthusiasm and joy that it brings along is just too good to be missed out on. So, find the ideal app to play fantasy cricket and win real cash

2. Win lots of cash rewards & prizes

With daily fantasy cricket, you not only earn the right to win plaudits amongst your peers but also earn some real cash. Yes, fantasy cricket is not only for mere entertainment but for some, its a way to earn a living via real money.

Players have to be really smart with their fantasy XI teams. The more the points scored, the greater the chance to win some cash prizes.

If your team/s win more, that raises your chance to win cash rewards that can be withdrawn easily.

3. Connect with fellow fantasy cricket players

Well, you might be wrong if you think you’re the only one with passion and love for the game of cricket!

Fantasy game online and with more sales of mobile phones and tablets worldwide, you can connect and play with anyone from any corner of the globe.

But to get to this point, you need to have a great internet speed and a device (phone or tablet) that can allow you to invite friends online & start playing!

4. Allows Fun & Entertainment

Cricket and video games have been ever present since the childhood days. The passion for cricket was such that despite loss or victory, the passion and zest was always there.

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This is the same reason why fantasy cricket has to be played. The ones who want to endear passion & have fun all the way, fantasy cricket is the ideal platform for them.

Plus, some apps allow users to chat and as well as check live scores on their apps. Building bonds & friendships is what fantasy cricket adheres to and that is why, it’s a perfect fit.

5. Learning more on cricket

So, if you are starting off with the fantasy cricket online for mere earning cash, without knowing the in-depth knowledge on the sport itself, then fantasy cricket will make you understand.

Once you acclimatise with the game, the technicality of it, the more you will start knowing about cricket’s rules and ins and outs.

That’s why it is a great way to gain more knowledge about cricket as a whole than the game.


Fantasy cricket online is not only a way of earning real money but also it builds friendships and bonds. With the T20 World Cup fantasy league around the corner, and many more series/tours ongoing, fantasy cricket gives you fantastic opportunity to earn money by just picking the perfect playing eleven.

Make no mistake, fantasy cricket can become an addiction at times but it’s upto you to give a certain limit. At the end of the day, fantasy cricket online is not a game of luck but skill!