• July 23, 2022

How You Can Earn Money from Online Ludo?

How You Can Earn Money from Online Ludo?

Ludo is one of the board games you played growing up. It was an experience to cherish whenever you gathered either your friends or your family members for a fun game time.

Even to this day, it is seen as one of the top-tier games, the only difference being instead of physical gameplay, Ludo is made available online.

There are several reasons to play Ludo as it is entertaining and is a thinking man’s game that facilitates developing unique techniques and strategies for winning.

Ludo Game is easy to understand and by executing the right tactics, you can convincingly beat your opponents.

Though Ludo is largely popular and well-liked by people, the variant found online is marginally different from the actual board game.

This is intentional, as the developers tweak the rules and guidelines to elevate the entertainment factor.

Additionally, you will notice high-definition graphics which will make you want to visit and play time and time again.

Internet gaming is hugely popular in India, and one of the reasons behind that is the opportunity to make quick cash. So, the question is – can you earn real money by playing Ludo, too?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. One of the challenges that you will face is finding a reliable source to play the game.

Many websites and mobile applications operate as scams making it essential for you to conduct detailed research beforehand and make an informed decision.

Once you are convinced about a source’s reputation, take the leap and become part of the fun.

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Making Money Through Ludo Online

When you find yourself the perfect mobile application, it will prompt you to download the apk file and install the game on your mobile device. Make sure that you register as a member with them, as it is the first checkpoint to earn money.

Becoming a member makes you eligible for a registration bonus that can help you get started.

Another way to make money is through referrals. You can do this by sharing the app download link with your friends and family members. Once they download the app on their respective smartphones, you will receive some amount as a referral bonus.

Becoming a member gives you complete access to the features of the gaming portal. You will notice a number of paid rooms, where you can compete against other players and win money.

Additionally, you will also find free room/s where you can practice Ludo and get an idea of the tweaked rules.

Remember – the more you practice, the higher your chances to devise plans that can get you out of a tough situation in paid games.

There are certain tips and tricks, too, that can help you to win battles against the toughest opponents.

Strategies such as not moving just one token at a time, capturing the opponent’s tokens, and landing your token on the opponent’s token, to name a few, can be learnt through practice.

When you are confident about your gameplay, feel free to enter the paid rooms. It is, however, advised that you start with the game room that charges minimal entry fees.

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That way, should you suffer a loss, you won’t lose an exorbitant amount. Make your way into the paid rooms with higher entry fees as your confidence scales up.

Benefits of Online Ludo

By now, you know that one of the big benefits of online Ludo is that you can make money online.

Additionally, there are other advantages of playing the board game, advantages that can shape your life the way you never imagined it to.

  • Ludo requires a great deal of focus, and when you learn to do that, it improves your ability to concentrate. When you are alert at all times, you become good at decision-making in any walk of life and not just in Ludo.
  • If you suffer from anxiety or stress, Ludo can help to beat it, too, as it serves as a breath of fresh air bringing you relief in the most difficult times.
  • It is also important to have yourself surrounded by people and what better way to do that than by the use of a board game. Send invites to your friends and family and join for a fun game of online Ludo.
  • Losses are a part of Ludo as well as life. Losing teaches you to cope with disappointment without feeling overwhelmed. You also learn sportsmanship when you appreciate the opponent’s decision-making that led to your defeat.


Ludo is a great board game in itself, and when you add the money factor to it, the experience is too hard to resist. With such a clever money-making opportunity at disposal, it will be unwise to let go of the opportunity.

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See to it that you research and find yourself a reliable source to play online Ludo. The subsequent benefits, financial and otherwise, will be worth it.

Also, do not discourage the power of practice. Let ‘practice makes perfect’ be your mantra and it will open unprecedented doors to making money through Ludo online.