• January 16, 2022

How to Earn Money by Playing Cricket Games in India

How to Earn Money by Playing Cricket Games in India

India has come leaps and bounds in the game of cricket. Such is the fanaticism related to the sport, many fans have either inked their favourite cricketers’ faces or their names on the bodies.

Cricket is not just a sport in this country but a religion. But just as the game of cricket continues to grow rapidly especially amongst the teenage group, there’s also a pull for fantasy cricket game online as it presents a way to earn money as well as keep one engrossed.

In a way it’s like playing cricket to earn money albeit online. Fantasy gamers need to know the game well and that’s why it is said that one has to play the cricket game and that is how they will earn money and achieve immeasurable success.

Earn Money by Playing Cricket Games

A game of cricket is so endearing to many across India that even if you are playing a local gully or street, there’s bound to be passion, jubilation and sadness.

Just as cricket continues to amaze us in real life, fantasy cricket industry too has picked up pace and slowly becoming one of the fastest growing industry in India.

Talking about fantasy cricket, this particular industry is booming at an alarming rate and allows every Indian not just a mode of satisfaction but also a source of earning real cash.

Playing fantasy cricket league requires skill and some good luck to win cash rewards. So if you are a fanatic of cricket and love watching it but can’t play, you can do so by playing fantasy cricket online.

Earn Money by playing cricket fantasy online on AIO Games fantasy cricket.

Despite fantasy cricket being available on many other applications, AIO Games’ uniqueness and easy withdrawal system gives it a cut above the rest and gives you a chance of playing fantasy cricket game and earn money.

Moreover, there are many exciting cashbacks offers in the offing as well.

Below we discuss as to how one can earn money while playing cricket online

Firstly you will need to create an account on the fantasy cricket applications that are prominent and legally active.

The account creation states that you are now validated and ready to go. Post the registration process, you will need to enter the various tournaments that are currently active.

More so, it will much simpler if you enter multiple tourneys which in turn helps you to earn much more real cash in real life.

Also, do not forget to get your payment account activated so that when you are withdrawing your amount, there is no hassle.

After your team has been registered on the fantasy cricket application, make sure you pick your fantasy team starting eleven cautiously.

A lot hinges on the pitch condition as well as the weather forecast but if it’s a T20 Fantasy game, most of these factors go out of the window. Choose players that are in red-hot form as well as their previous performances.

It’s better to have an in-depth knowledge about the players and the teams prior picking your fantasy eleven. At times the players you might have trusted won’t perform well but that shouldn’t pull you down.

Always keep churning out different tactics and combinations which in turn could get you and your team much needed rewards.

At times there are multiple matches, and, in such situation, one must keep patience and calm and pick a side that could get you earn you real money.

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How to play fantasy cricket online and earn money?

It’s not rocket science. Just as learning to play cricket isn’t a difficult task, just similarly, playing fantasy cricket online is fun and enjoying. But how does one play fantasy cricket on AIO Games app? The answer is –

  • Go to the AIO Games website and download the app via the QR code or enter your phone number and you will receive a URL link via SMS.
  • After downloading, go to the Fantasy Cricket application and select the match you would like to play.
  • Now pick your formidable starting eleven for the particular fantasy contest. Make sure they are picked with your cricketing skill and knowledge and in order that return you with great cash rewards.
  • Once the side is ready, pick the prize pool you would like to enter and enter.
  • After paying the entry fee, your team is ready to play!
  • If you win, make sure to withdraw your cash amount via KYC.

Play cricket tournaments that will earn you money

With many cricket matches being played at tandem, it presents a great opportunity for you to earn money while playing cricket fantasy.

AIO Games and many other fantasy related apps offer various tournaments and give a chance to play cricket game and earn money handsomely.

Earning money from playing cricket game isn’t just fun but rewarding too! You need to pick a team that has balance and productivity at the same time.

Make sure to pick an eleven that can maximise your chances of earning money while playing cricket fantasy online.

If a player doesn’t perform well, you can always count on the rest to give the best result possible.


India is already a cricket superpower and the players who play the game already earn money albeit huge packages through bumper contracts.

Thus, playing fantasy cricket game in a way is also a medium of earning money. Earn money by playing cricket fantasy game online and this could propel a fantasy gamer to achieve untold success and wealth.

Download AIO Games now and don’t forget to play fantasy cricket online and earn some best rewards we have to offer.

AIO Games is India’s fastest growing multiple gaming platform that offers skill-based games.