• February 27, 2022

Daily Fantasy Cricket Can Make you Earn Real Cash

Daily Fantasy Cricket Can Make you Earn Real Cash

India is a cricket frenzy country and with the soaring popularity of the Indian T20 League, the sport has peaked to a new high. Many Indians treat cricket not just mere a sport but as a religion.

Cricket stars are worshipped as gods here and when there’s a heart-wrenching loss or a nail-biting finish, the various emotions are there to see on the roads and on the social media.

So that begs the question as to – why not take your love for cricket by merely watching to just playing daily fantasy cricket?

So, what is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is nothing but a virtually based cricket game that’s based on strategy and tactics.

Here in fantasy cricket, you will have to pick a virtually based team of 11 best players from real matches around the globe.

Based on the player performances in real games, you rake in points that in turn affects your team’s ranking.

The higher the points you score, the more chance you have to win cash rewards and bonuses than your opponents.

Many say whilst playing fantasy cricket online, you need a lot of luck! Well, that’s just not the case as there’s also room for strategies, player analysis and perfect reading of the game.

Researching about the game pre-hand and learning a bit or two about the team squad, gives you a better perspective where your team might stand in the power rankings.

AIO Games provides with every fantasy cricket lover with simpler UI, easy cash withdrawals and deposits & also competing with the best across the country and winning big cash prizes.

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How to Begin playing AIO Games Daily Fantasy Cricket Online?

To play daily fantasy cricket online, AIO Games is ideal destination for you. Go to the AIO Games website, enter your phone number & click on ‘Get SMS Link’.

You will then receive a link of the app on your mobile phone. Install the AIO Games app by clicking on ‘install from unknown source’ & voila! the app is all set to run on your phone.

On the mobile, you also visit the AIO Games website and click on the ‘Download’ tab to start the download of the ‘aio.apk’ file.

Following are the steps of playing daily fantasy cricket?

  • Pick a match that you would like to play fantasy cricket online
  • Select your best 11 that will earn you cash prizes
  • Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely
  • Post completion, enter the contest of your will by picking the monetary value
  • You can track your team’s progress whilst its ongoing and also on the leaderboard

Play Fantasy Cricket and earn Huge cash Prizes:

You must have dreamt of owning a T20 Team, haven’t you? That’s now a possibility with fantasy cricket online as you can own a team of your choice, choose which players and watch them perform on the real stage.

Fantasy cricket not only fulfils your cricketing dream but also gives you a chance to earn huge cash and also a chance to brag with your peers and closed ones.

Whilst playing fantasy cricket, luck is not the only thing that plays a major part in giving you rewards but selecting a high-profile player to score BIG runs as well.

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If you are to score more points than your competitors, firstly you need to read the game well, assess the pitch conditions, check the past scores of the players and the weather that will give you a slight edge over your opponents.

First and foremost, when starting with your fantasy 11, you need pick at least one or more Wicketkeepers, then followed by 2-3 batters, 2 all-rounders and then the bowlers.

If the pitch is favouring the bowlers, you will need to strategize your captain & vice-captaincy option and vice-versa.

Captain and vice-captain earns you 2x & 1.5x points and that is why it is of the utmost importance to pick them wisely.

Your team’s dependency lies on your two players performing well. Moreover, there are certain aspects as well that can earn you points for e.g., a direct run-out or if your all-rounder picks wickets as well as scores important runs.

Why Playing Online Daily Cricket Leagues Can Be Beneficial?

Indians are really passionate about the sport that’s called cricket, aren’t they? Well, fantasy cricket is just another opportunity of enjoying cricket via virtually.

You could feel the passion from the stadium right in your mobile phone when picking you’re playing 11 as it provides an enthralling and compelling experience.

Here we present few tips as to why playing cricket fantasy leagues are crucial:

  • You learn more about the sport
  • Enhancing your cricketing skills and tricks
  • More you play, the more you grow your excitement level
  • Earn huge cash rewards & bonuses
  • Lightens up the mood & good for mental health
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Fantasy Cricket has quite steadily become one of the most followed online sporting games across India.

Cricket lovers and non-lovers are smitten by its gameplay, UI, and the chance to earn money allures too!

With many fantasy gaming apps in the market, it’s ideal for one to pick the best option to play fantasy cricket online.

This is helpful as it gives you the chance to enjoy the game and also, earn more money along the way.

With the Indian T20 League on the horizon as well the T20 World Cup, many fantasy cricket apps are sure to work well as many cricket fans will flock on to their applications.

Download AIO Games now and don’t forget to play fantasy cricket and earn some best rewards we have to offer.