• August 20, 2021

10 Cricket Records That Are Impossible to Break

10 Cricket Records That Are Impossible to Break

Cricket is a competitive sport. Cricketers train hard to play record-breaking performances. Nevertheless, some records are impossible to break.

1. Captaincy at the age of 50

William Gilbert Grace is the only cricketer who was captain of the cricket team at 50 years of age. He played his last match against Australia in 1899.

2. Three Double-Centuries in ODIs

Nailing three double-centuries in ODIs is an unbreakable record. Rohit Sharma was the man who made three double-centuries in ODI, and breaking his record is nearly impossible.

3. 199 Centuries in First-Class Cricket

The person who made this record is not the master blaster cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Of course, Sachin has scored many international centuries, but an English cricketer called Sir Jack Hobbs was the legendary player who scored 199 centuries in first-class cricket. He scored 18 test centuries for England.

4. 19 Wickets in One Match

Imagine a cricket player nailing 19 wickets in one match! Jim Laker was the man who took 19 wickets in a single match against Australia. This record is nearly unbreakable.

5. A 30-Year Cricket Career

Did Sachin Tendulkar have the longest cricket career? Well, the answer is that the legendary cricket player Sachin Tendulkar had a 24-year career in cricket.

The cricketer who had a 30-year cricket career was Wilfred Rhodes. Imagine how privileged he was to play cricket for 30 years!

6. 50+ runs in three WC Finals

Adam Gilchrist is the batsman who scored 50+ runs in World Cup Finals. This cricketer scored one century and two fifties in World Cup, and no one has broken his record.

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7. 3-Over Century

A legendary batsman scored a century in just 3 overs. His name is Sir Don Bradman.

8. International Wicket Without Bowling

Virat Kohli made this off-beat record of taking an international wicket without bowling. He stumped off Kevin Pietersen on a wide ball during a T20I match.

9. Consecutive Maiden Overs

A spin bowler Rameshchandra Gangaram Nadkarni made this legendary record of bowling 21 consecutive maiden overs. This record is not broken by any other cricketer until now.

10. Most First-Class Wickets

The cricketer Wilfred Rhodes took the greatest number of first-class wickets. He took 4204 wickets in his cricket career which is an unbeatable number.

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