• September 9, 2022

Chronicle Centuries that left a mark

Chronicle Centuries that left a mark

Every Indian must be on cloud 9 after yesterday’s Asia Cup match between India and Afghanistan. Though India couldn’t make it to the finals, the Indian cricket team left the cricket fans’ jaws dropped.

Making yesterday’s match a historical one, Virat Kohli the heartbeat of every Indian, completed his 71st century against Afghanistan. The fans are in awe of the player, slightly dismissing that we won’t see India in the finals.

The finals will be held between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Virat’s performance has already given Indians a taste of success and pride. Kohli’s century is unforgettable and was a clear depiction of ‘King Kohli Is back’.

Cricket for us Indians is a religion that reunites all the varied religions in India. At various times have the Indian cricketers made it to the iconic pages of cricket’s history.

Some of the classic players that have made a mark in the cricket archives are from India namely Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni, Sourav Ganguly, Gautam Gambhir, Virendra Sehwag, Sunil Gavaskar, Zaheer Khan, and the list is never-ending.

Every year players are getting added to this list as the team grows more robust and unbeatable.  Virat Kohli’s 71ST century

We are sure listening to these names and remembering their performances leaves chills down your spine. Virat Kohli’s 71st century took us on a nostalgic ride of the times where Indian cricketers have made their centuries.

Kohli is the highest scorer in Asia Cup 2022 with 276 runs in 5 innings. The last time Virat scored a century was on 23 November ’2019, after 1019 days from the date of his last century, which is 8 September ’2022. Along with being Virat’s 71st century, this was his first international T20 century.

The player scored his first century on 24 December 2009 against Sri Lanka with 107 runs. In his first IPL, Kohli bagged 4 centuries for his team, which was commendable for a young player like him. He has also been a successful captain during his reign.

King Kohli made his mark in the third last match of the Asia Cup 2022 by scoring 122 runs (not out) in 61 balls. Virat’s 71st century is a big boost to his career and the criticism that he has been receiving.

Kohli was facing a downfall in his career because he was becoming the least chosen player in the Fantasy cricket tournaments. His ranking dropped in the T20 league, and the players didn’t opt for Kohli to be the Captain or the Vice-Captain.

After all the fault-finding, King Kohli is back to nail the leaderboards and tournaments.

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