• January 19, 2022

Call Break Offline vs Call Break Online – What’s Your Pick?

Call Break Offline vs Call Break Online – What’s Your Pick?

Call Break offline vs Call break Online

One of the most popular card games especially in the South Asian countries, Callbreak card game has been a revelation ever since.

People especially in the Indian subcontinent play it passionately during the festival periods amongst friends and family.

Basically, Call break game is nothing but a variant of Spades game that is played amongst 2-4 players.

In this game, players are told to shuffle their pack of 13 cards and must complete a round of 5 after which a winner is decided.

Simply put, Call Break card game’s rules are pretty simple and easy to understand. It’s a fun game and is relatively played to relive stress.

Callbreak is no doubt one of the oldest card games and many historians believe that it is been played by Kings and Emperors since ancient times.

But as time moved on, the play and game style also evolved, and it has found its roots in India too. Callbreak card game goes by many names mostly – Ladki, Lakadi, Call Bridge and Spades.

Each variant has it’s own unique game style attached to it. Apart from the slight changes, the game play remains the same. So apart from the game rules, call break card game’s core idea remains the same across all the variants.

Whilst playing, there are 5 rounds involved that revolves around 13 moves per round. Each deal, a card player must play the same suit card. A card player with the highest deal after the given 5 rounds, is called the winner.

Let’s see which is the best Offline Callbreak or Online Callbreak

Call Break Offline:

Call Break offline is nothing just but mere playing call break card game with real cards on display. It is a variation of spades card game, and the rules remain the same. Four players are involved with 52-cards and with 5 rounds to play with.

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In each round, 13 deals are played up and with each deal, a player is told to throw a card and with 4 cards on the table, he/she should make a deal. 13 Tricks makes it a round and 5 rounds then terms it as call break card game.

Disadvantages of playing Call Break offline:

Here are some of the disadvantages of call break offline card game you should be vary of –

  1. In offline call break, there’s no advantage involved. Every opponent carries his/her cards and it’s up to you to make it work.
  2. Whilst playing call break offline, you might end up with modest cash payments. When playing with friends/peers, the money on offer could be presumably low as it could be only for fun.
  3. Offline call break requires you to be in person rather than be on your time. This could also play into the opponent’s hands, and they might sneak in or two to gain advantage over you.

What is Online Call Break card game?

With the advent of technology, it has taken over all mediums be it sport, culture, print, you name it.

As more and more people turn their attention towards mobile phones and tablets, there’s also a call for more invention of fantasy and skill-based games too.

Earlier, people would play card games only in person but now things have changed, and one can now enjoy it online.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic as well, people have the luxury of playing card games from their homes.

Call break online has been introduced on many such applications and people can now play with their own convenience, time and comfort.

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Here’s why Call Break Online has an added advantage –

  • Call break online’s most important factor is its tactical gameplay. Whilst playing call break card game, one has to be more attentive towards one’s own game as well as keep an eye out for the opponent’s next move. This in turn builds on your skillset and also adds some modesty to your call break knowledge.
  • Also, whilst playing call break online can help you win a lot of cash rewards too! Imagine playing a game for 5-10 minutes and earning a bit of cash for each round you play? Doesn’t it sound exciting!
  • Another advantage of playing online call break is that the game takes at a fair pace. There’s no interruptions or interventions from outside and it’s just you and your opponents on the card table.


All in all, Call Break Online makes for a good outing and one should remember that it is a fun and exciting game. The major factor of playing call break online is to lighten up the mood and ring in some light mood.

And with the ongoing pandemic ravaging the whole world, there’s absolutely no chance of visiting one’s house or meeting up friends.

That is why Call Break tash game makes a good option and one can enjoy playing this game on AIO Games platform.

Huge cashback offers, major winnings and tons of excitement awaits you on AIO Games’ Call Break card game and you are surely in for a joy ride!


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