• January 10, 2022

Why Call Break Is The Best Alternative Over Rummy or Poker

Why Call Break Is The Best Alternative Over Rummy or Poker

India has always been associated with card games right from the time of Maharajas and Sultans. This culture of playing card games has been ingrained in this country’s rich history for a long time.

Be it Rummy, poker, call break or any other card game, these card games have been enjoyed thoroughly for a while now.

Card games were and still being played in each household across India but with the initiation of technology, people can now enjoy card games online too!

With the invention of mobile phones and tablets, people can play online card games and that too with folks from every corner of the globe.

Amongst this, one such game that is so connected with each card player is Callbreak. This card game which is most famous in Nepal, India, Bangladesh amongst others, has become quite popular on smart phones and tablets as well. People can now play online callbreak and win real cash as well.

Below we discuss as to why Call Break online has become a better alternative over the likes of Rummy and Poker –

As you read along, you will know as to why Call Break Multiplayer is also becoming one of the trendiest online games amongst card players –

A Well Strategized Game

One advantage that Callbreak carries over Rummy and Poker is that it is a very tricky and well strategized game.

In order to defeat your opponent, one needs to be well-skilled and always looking out for well-planned tactics to outwit his/her opponent and win multiple winnings.

Despite it being fun, online callbreak calls for severe attention, tactical nous, and time dependent. One needs to be careful of his/her opponent’s next move and based on that, work out their next move.

It’s because of this that Call Break has its fanfare amongst card players.

A Decent UI Experience

UI or also called as User Interface is one of the key factors in call break online. If an application has a decent or a good enough UI then the game of Call Break becomes very much playable and enjoyable too!

Earn A Bit More

Despite Rummy and Poker giving you a chance of winning real money, Online Callbreak game can be more enticing as it presents a very nice opportunity to earn a bit extra.

A normal game of Call Break consists of 5 rounds and in each round, one gets points based on the tricks that you make for your card strategy.

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A winner is only declared once he/she has bagged the maximum points and that decides your faith of earning real cash. The more points you have, the more winnings you earn in your kitty!

Hassle-free Experience

Another key factor in Callbreak online is that it provides users a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Users especially card lovers turn to Call Break multiplayer as one can play it uninterrupted. Most apps like AIO Games provide easy and systematic call break experience.

Call break online is a fun game, and it comes as per your convenience method.


Call Break online is a card game that involves a lot of strategies and tricks. This 52-card game has its unique factor over the likes of Rummy and Poker and that’s why many folks play this game in their leisure period.

Moreover, call break online also presents a good opportunity to earn real money.

At AIO Games, we have introduced Callbreak with a minimum entry of Rs. 1 To Rs 100. We have also introduced a new offer for our Callbreak Online users of them earning lakhs of cash during 11 AM to 10 PM.