• February 28, 2022

Why AIO Games is the Best Quiz App to Earn Real Money in India?

Why AIO Games is the Best Quiz App to Earn Real Money in India?

Why AIO Games is the Best Quiz App to Earn Real Money in India?

Users really think they know the knowledge about the world when it comes to question and answering.

Right from the school days to the current scenario, quiz competitions and contests have been much of the talking topics.

Such contests see folks gather in groups of twos to answer on a particular given question and the winner is then adjudged via high scores.

Quiz contents are often seen as tough as people have to answer or tackle questions that belong to various forms of life and other news that are currently on the up.

People from all walks of life tend to think they are smart enough to answer such questions via their educational background, but little do they know that quizzes are not that easy as they seem to be.

With all the knowledge in the palm of your hands, people can now avail information from across the globe with a mere finger. So, with so much information at your feet, is it that difficult to answer a question?

Can you be smarter to answer some quick questions and win huge rewards to back with it? Well, the answer is AIO Games and its newest game – Quiz Guru.

Below we list down as to why Quiz Guru can land you good amount of real money if you answer some of the questions with it.

What is Quiz Guru and How to play it?

AIO Games or All in One Games introduces its very own Quiz game titled – Quiz Guru which is unique and fun in its own way.

Here, user/s will find stacked against 4 categories viz. Bollywood, IPL Cricket, GK & Stocks.

There will be a 90-second timer when the questionnaire begins and for every correct answer, you rake up 3 points.

The more the correct answers, the more your chance of winning BIG! Moreover, he/she will get to pick the category of his/her choice and play the Quiz Guru game.

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Once you have finished playing, a user can withdraw their earnings without any hassle.

AIO Games introduces you to a fresh approach towards quiz gaming and also gives you opportunity to win real money online.

If you are highly skilled or have the IQ that of an Einstein, then AIO Games’ Quiz Guru is the ideal platform for you to test your brain!

Quiz Guru introduces leaderboard wherein the higher the points, you rank will be visible on the board along with the winnings.

How to Begin playing Quiz Guru game online?

  • To play newest game Quiz Guru, AIO Games is the ultimate destination for you. Go to the AIO Games website, enter your phone number & click on ‘Get SMS Link’.
  • You then receive a link of the app on your mobile phone. Install the AIO Games app by clicking on ‘install from unknown source’ and the app is all set to be installed on your phone.
  • On your mobile, you can also visit the AIO Games website and click on the ‘Download’ tab to start the download of the ‘aio.apk’ file.

Why is Quiz Guru is the ideal spot for you to earn real money?

Since every game is unique, so are the ways to win. However, some games can involve a huge amount of luck, and you might be unsure whether your method to earn money has been effective.

Luckily, Quiz Guru allows cash earned while playing the game of questions and answering quickly can be transferred into their bank account just as fast. It’s perfect for online gaming or on the go!

Every game and its application are unique and carries ways or methods to win as well. Same follows for AIO Games’ Quiz Guru game that carries luck, good knowledge, and some patience to win rewards.

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The UI experience is smooth, and each question presents you with an opportunity to win something BIG!

You don’t have to wait for a question to turn up here as Quiz Guru’s fast paced algorithm gives you a Quiz feeling.

Though this is a quiz-based game, Quiz Guru is a real money earning platform that needs no structuring and people from all walks of life can enter the quiz game and win huge.

Be it Bollywood fans, Cricket T20 fans, Stocks or GK – you can enter any quiz contest without any pressure and stand a chance to win real money.


Online games are now become a part of people’s lives and one of the mediums to earn easy and quick money online.

Real money earning games has taken over the e-commerce space and seems to be an unstoppable force.

AIO Games is a part of such industry and with its ever-evolving games, the application seems to be on the rise.

Quiz Guru gives you a great opportunity to earn money and compete with some of the best across the country.

What’s more, you can also test your knowledge and brain and use it to your advantage going in further quiz games.