• November 5, 2021

BBL vs IPL: What Is The Difference?

BBL vs IPL: What Is The Difference?

IPL and BBL are the two most popular cricket tournaments. Read about the difference between IPL and BBL in this blog.

IPL: The full form of IPL is the Indian Premier League. It is a Twenty20 tournament played between eight teams. These eight have cricket players from all over the world. The teams are named based on 8 Indian cities. The IPL was founded in India by BBCI (The Board of Control for Cricket in India) in the year 2007.

BBL: The full form of BBL is Big Bash League. It is also a Twenty20 tournament. The BBL is held in Australia every year. There are eight teams in BBL too. These teams are named after the Australian cities. The BBL was established by Cricket Australia in the year 2011.

IPL Vs BBL Format

IPL: There are a total of 60 matches in an IPL tournament. 56 matches are in the round-robin format and the last four matches are played to declare the winning team.

BBL: There are a total of 60 matches in BBL. All eight teams play BBL match twice before entering the finals.

IPL Vs BBL Team Composition

IPL Team Composition

  • The full squad of IPL must have 18-25 cricket players in a team.
  • There can be a maximum of 8 overseas players in the IPL cricket team.
  • IPL has made it mandatory that there can be no more than 4 overseas players in the playing eleven players team.
  • Under 19 age players cannot play in an IPL match unless he is a first-class or List-A cricketer.
  • The salary cap of the squad must not exceed INR 850 million.
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BBL Team Composition

  • Each franchise of the BBL team can have a maximum of 19 contract players in the squad.
  • There should be 6 overseas players and 2 rookie players on the BBL team.
  • A maximum of 3 overseas players can play the BBL match in the playing eleven players team.
  • There can be two replacement of overseas players if they are injured or cannot play the IPL match.

IPL Vs BBL Rules and Prize Money

IPL Prize Money

IPL winners have won around INR 10-20 crores as the prize money in the past. The prize money given to the teams is different each year. The runner-ups of IPL got around INR 12 – 6 crores and the third and fourth teams got INR 4-8 crores in past.

BBL Prize Money

BBL winners have won around AUD 450, 000 which is around INR 2.45 crore. The runner-up gets AUD 260,000. Semi-finalists get AUD 80,000, and the fifth and the last team gets AUD 20,000.


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