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100% secured and legal

100% secured and legal

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24/7 customer support

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Massive real cash winnings

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Instant deposits and withdrawals

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Referring a friend is rewarding

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Multiple games

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Play 8 Ball Pool and Win Real Money

There was a time when playing pool was a fantasy for Indians but now it is one of the most celebrated sports in the country. Like USA, England, now India also has many Pool parlours where youngsters used to learn and play the sport. 8-Ball Pool is an interesting game with 2 types of coloured balls.

Now the time has changed, and Indians can play 8 ball pool online to win real cash daily. Yes, you have heard it right. AIO Games has come up with an 8-ball pool concept on its application and here is your chance to take part to earn real good money online.

The most celebrated game is now online with a chance to earn huge winnings. AIO Games is all set to enhance your gaming experience with a variety of contests and amazing user interfaces.

So, gamers here is your chance to make every minute fruitful with India’s leading multi-gaming application. Join Now.

What is 8 Ball Pool Game Online?

Pool or 8 Ball Pool as it famously called, is a very popular sport that is played all across the world. 8 Ball Pool online is usually played on a pool table majorly singles or doubles with cue sticks, 16 balls, 15 Object balls and one cue ball that is used to strike the others.

However, with many online applications in the market, the game's gone online and can be played with your friends or peers to win real cash.

It is a high-speed game as compared to snooker or billiards which are also of the similar type. 8 ball pool online is quite famous especially in India with many pool parlours available.

8 Ball Pool is now available online too with AIO Games introducing the game to its userbase who can play the game which offers smooth gameplay and amazing UI.

Play 8 Ball Pool Game Online AIO Games

Your primary objective in the 8 Ball Pool online is to pot the designated balls (stripes or solids) followed by the 8 ball (black coloured).

The one who pots the black coloured ball is declared the winner. In 8 Ball Pool online game, you are often pitted against an opponent who could be highly skilled or vice versa.

If you want to win real cash and called as the 'king or queen' of 8 Ball Pool Online, you need to participate in the leaderboard contest.

In order to win more, you must be super skilled and bag the most number of wins to earn real money as well as great offers.

Pieces of equipment for the 8 Ball Pool game

Rules of 8 Ball Pool

How to play 8-ball pool online

There is no as such scoring in the 8-ball pool, but each player has got its own colour (from solids and strips).If player A has got strips and B got solids, then they have to pot all their respective balls in the pot and has top ends the game by potting the black ball.

There are some rules that can lead to a foul game where the opponent gets some advantages. Let’s have a look at the rules of the 8-ball pool game.

8-ball pool is a game of sheer precision and sharp shots. In India, there are a huge number of youngsters who have been involved in the game for years and now AIO Games is all set to give them a chance to play the game for real money online.

What are you waiting for, download the AIO Games app and flaunt your skill in the 8-ball pool to earn cash daily.

Some Important Rules To Keep In Mind For 8 Ball Pool Online

Following are some important 8 ball pool real money rules that you need to follow whilst playing the game to win real money online:

Rule 1: If you are to pocket the ball in the opening sequence, the rest of the designated balls are also open to pot. So, once you pocket post breaking, a player should only pocket both stripes/solids.

Rule 2: Always remember that if your cue ball strikes the opponent's ball, it is called a foul and your turn is forfeited.

Rule 3: Make sure you pocket the designated colour balls first before moving to the 8 Ball (black ball)

Rule 4: If by chance, you pocket the 8 Ball (black ball) before your opponents do, or pot it to any other given hole, you lose the game.

Rule 5: It will be called a foul if your cue ball fails to touch any ball or the railing in the pool table.

Rule 6: Make sure you don't pot the 8 Ball and the cue ball together or else you will lose the game and your opponent wins.

Read More: How to Play 8 Ball Pool

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Tips And Tricks To Win an 8 Ball Pool Game Online:

AIO Games brings you the best tips and tricks to win a 8 ball pool game and win real money:

With the above tips and tricks, you can easily outwit your opponent on the 8 Ball Pool real money table on the AIO Games app. Download AIO Games NOW best 8 ball pool money earning app!

Download 8 Ball Pool Money Earning App

You haven't downloaded the 8 Ball Pool money earning game app yet? Well, it's only few steps away! All you have to do is download AIO Games app.

AIO Games is now available on iOS and Android. For desktop, enter your contact number and you will get a SMS with the download link. 8 ball pool game download is a game for generations!

If you are a fast learner or a thorough professional, 8 ball pool game download really ups the levels by mere playing. Learn how to take shots via the angle or just use your pool skills to pot the 8 ball.

8 ball pool real money game download is a game of skills and strategy. As your skills increase, so do your confidence level. Once you master the 8-ball pool real money game download, you can also start winning real cash and beat your opponents to it.

To play 8 ball pool game, all you have to do is download AIO Games right away and play to win real money!

8 Ball Pool Vs Call Break Card Game

What is a Call Break Game?

Call Break card game is a very popular card game that is played between 4 players with one deck of cards (52 cards, no joker). It is very famous especially in countries like India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Though the origins of the game are not certain, Call Break card game was also called as Call Bridge, Locha, Lakadi, or Ghochi.

How to Play Call Break Online Game?

Before you start playing the call break game, first and foremost you must know how to play call break and learn it's rules. Here are the rules:


Call Break is a multiplayer game similar to 8 Ball Pool. You can play 8 Ball Pool with lakhs of real money gamers across India in this game.

Furthermore, you also bring in rivalry, friendships as well as raising the level of excitement, winning games and earning real money rewards along the way.

If you are to become the best, you must bluff and raise your bets in call break game, improve your skills and strategise in ludo online, and acquire as much experience as you can.


Call break real money games and ludo real money games are two games that are played throughout the world. However, there is a stark difference between these games.

In Call Break game, your aim is to win as many tricks as they can before the game begins. In Ludo, it's all about reaching your pawns/tokens to their desired destination (home) and whoever reaches first, wins the game.

When playing Call Break, one must remember that it is a multiplayer card game that can accommodate up to four people. Same goes for Ludo online as well but 8 ball pool can accommodate 2-4 players.

In online call break card game, you are required to score a pre-determined score. Whereas in Ludo, you are tasked to reach your pawns/tokens to their desired destination.

8 Ball Pool Vs Ludo Game

What is Ludo Online game?

Ludo game online is a multiplayer board game that has found its popularity the world over but also in India. Once upon a time it was greatly played over a board but with the advent of technology, ludo game has now moved onto mobile phones and tablets.

The game gained even more popularity during the lockdown where people were mentally drained at their homes but found a way of connecting with their friends and dear ones via the ludo game online.

Ludo Game Rules

Before trying your hand at the ludo game, here's the rules for the famous board game for you to understand it well:


Do we have different cash contest?

Yes, we do have cash contests for real money

Yes, you can play battles against a random opponent to win money

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