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29 Card Game online

Trick-taking card games have a distinct reputation of their own, as they do not necessarily follow traditional rules and are more focused on strategic approach.

Although these games can be long-lasting, they do keep the players entertained during their course. They are more fun, especially with the involvement of friends and family members.

So, if you are planning a gathering in future, bringing out the card decks may not be a bad idea.

Over time, a number of trick-taking card games have been invented and one of them is 29 Card Game. The game is highly strategic and is largely popular in countries of South Asia, including India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Like other card games, it has its own variants, but generally sticks to the basic rules with variations revolving around those. If you are not acclimated with Card Game 29, it’s never too late to learn new things. In that case, you might also wonder what this game is about.

What is 29 Card Game?

The 29 Card Game is said to be modeled after Jass card games, which was created in the Netherlands. It is played between 4 players and includes partnerships with players sitting opposite to each other forming a team.

From a 52-card deck, the game is played using 32 cards. These 32 cards comprise 7 to Ace representing all four suits – spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts. In order to emerge victors in the game, a team must win tricks using valuable cards.

The cards used in Card Game 29 are allocated certain points determining their importance.

The total of these points comes to 28 when added based on the number of cards used. Though the next rule may exist or not exist depending on the players, often times, the team which wins the last hand, is awarded an extra 1 point bringing the tally to 29.

You will notice that cards 2, 3, 4, and 5 of all suits are discarded from the 52-card deck. 6s, on the other hand, will be used for scoring and paired black and red with both teams receiving one pair each.

Objective of Card Game 29

Playing as part of a team, your main objective in Card Game 29 is to win tricks, preferably with the use of valuable cards. A trick represents a hand in trick-taking games. A player plays one card at a time, face up, on the table.

The player that plays the high-value card wins the trick. Points of both teams are calculated at the end to determine the winner.

Players and Cards

This game has participation of 4 players where they make a team of 2.

The game uses a 52-card deck, but does not utilise all the cards, as 2, 3, 4, and 5 of all suits have no role to play. 6s are paired in black and red and each pair is given to both teams for points calculation.

Cards 7 through King and Ace play an active part in the game and have allotted points. Jack cards carry the most value with 3 points, 9s have 2 points, 10s have 1 point, and Aces are designated 1 point.

Deal and Bidding in Card Game 29

The dealer can be anyone in Card Game 29. They are responsible for shuffling the 32 cards and distributing them among all players, including themselves.

It is essential that the dealer gives one card at a time and not all four cards at once; that way, they can avoid any unnecessary advantage that a single player might receive. Once all the cards are distributed, it is time to bid.

Before bidding, all players take a glance at their cards, but only for their own eyes and are not allowed to share related information with their respective team members. The bids depend on how many points a player can amass.

So, who bids first? The answer is the player sitting to the right of the dealer. The starting bid needs to be of more than 15 and must not go beyond 29. All players bid in circle.

If one of the them thinks they do not have winning cards, they can pass. Biddings carry on until 3 players pass and the one remaining has the highest bid. The player with the highest bid gets to choose a trump card, which only they know.

29 Card Game Rules

Even though the 29 Card Game has its own set of variations, they stick to the basic rules and build the game around it. These variations are interesting and have thrill to indulge people.

As for the 29 Card Game rules, it is played with 4 players, who each form a partnership with one of the other players.

The game is played using 32 cards from a deck of standard 52 cards. Number cards 2, 3, 4, and 5 are discarded by default, whereas 6s are used for scoring. All other cards play an active part in the game and they carry individual points.

Jack is the highest-value card with 3 points. 9s are the second-most valued cards with 2 points. Aces and 10s have 1 point each. This brings the cards’ total to 28 points. No points are allotted to Kings, Queens, 8s and 7s.

The participants, in pairs, play towards completing the greatest number of tricks using the high-value cards. Depending on the players, a last trick can be played, which is valued at 1 point raising the tally to 29 points.

Card Game 29 Scoring

Scoring in order to decide the winner is conducted once all the tricks have been played. During the course of the game, both teams have won hands with the players amassing valued cards as their wins.

The partners collect and total their cards together. The team with the most points wins the game. The team that performed the last trick receives an additional point to their existing score.

Also, remember, that the 6s are used to keep score. Both teams receive a red and black 6s belonging to either suit. In order to record the score, for every round that you win, you reveal one design on the red suit and for every loss, you reveal a design on the black suit.

In the end, the team that wins have to reveal all 6 designs of their red suit, whereas the losing team would have done the same, but on the black suit.

Card Game 29 Variations

Like any other popular card game, 29 Card Game, too, has its own variations. One of the best things about it is that regardless of which variant you decide to play, the basic rules are not tweaked in any way.

When it comes to the card game’s variants, they differ from region to region and even player to player. Participants may choose to play as a 28 Card Game if prefer discarding the additional point rule, which turns it into a 29 Card Game.

The most popular variant, however, is the 29 Card Game and is universally preferred by the players. In some regions, you will also notice that people play for 32 points and also use two decks of cards instead of a standard single deck.

In Bangladesh, the game is played counter-clockwise, as opposed to clockwise gameplay in India. Participants can also match the bid of the previous player by calling out “ditto”, a rule that is not practiced in India, instead the only option is to “pass”.

Key Terms Used in 29 Card Game

Like any other game, 29 Card Game, too, has its terminologies that will help you to understand it better.

Trick: The 29 Card Game is all about tricks. Tricks is what you play for, and tricks are the medium that will decide whether you win or lose.

Dealing/Dealer: The Dealer does the dealing of the cards between participants. The dealer can be anyone and they need to distribute one card at a time to each player until everyone has 4 cards each.

Bidding: Bidding refers to the number of points that a player can earn by winning tricks in a single round. The minimum bid is 16 and the maximum bid is 28. The player who makes the maximum bid needs to match their points to that exact bid or else they lose the round.

Pass: Before bidding, the players are allowed to look at their cards. Every player takes turn to make their bid. If one of them arrives at a conclusion that they do not have the best cards, they are allowed to Pass, meaning they won’t be involved in the bidding process any further.

Trump: Once the bidding concludes, the player with the highest bid earns the luxury of choosing a random Trump card from the discarded pile for their own eyes. The Trump is revealed in the situation wherein one of the players does not have a card to throw belonging to the suit/colour in play.

Royal Pair: A player who holds a King and Queen belonging to the Trump suit, they can declare right away and as a result, the trick will be awarded to them.

Tips and Tricks to Win the Online Card Game 29

When you are playing online 29 Card Game, knowing a few tips & tricks can help you progress a great deal. A lot of players turn into experts, and so can you if you learn how to pull out a rabbit out of the hat.

Read through some of these tips below –

Best Strategy to Win a 29 Card Game

Looking at the rules, the best strategy arguably would be to bid the highest and getting the trump card advantage. However, that cannot be possible at all times since you do not have the guarantee of receiving the best cards every time.

But the best strategy to win a 29 Card Game still revolves around the trump card. If one of your opponents has the trump card, it would do you a world of good if you can clear it out of their hand. This strategy will put them on the backfoot and guide you in helping your partner to win a hand or two.

In order to master this craft, it can be beneficial to practice as many games as possible. Take advantage of the free rooms online, as you are assured of not incurring any kind of financial loss should you lose a game. Through practice, you can know which situation demands what kind of gameplay while learning from experienced players.

Is Rummy and 29 Game Similar?

The short answer is no.

29 Game is a variant of Rummy cash game and is largely popular in the South Asian region. Over time, Card Game 29 has gone through a few changes, but has managed to stick to the basic rules so as to not confuse veterans as well as new players.

Poker vs 29 Card Game

When it comes to choosing the best card game between real money poker and 29 Card Game, the former leads the scoreboard, as it is renowned worldwide.

Objective: Where Poker is a standard card game whose objective is to win the pot by having the best 5-card hand, Card Game 29 is a trick-taking game, which is all about winning the greatest number of hands/rounds.

Players: Participants play in teams when it comes to 29 Card Game and requires 4 players. Poker, on the other hand, requires a minimum of 2 players and can involve up to 6 players when played online.

Strategy: The one aspect similar between Poker and 29 Card Game is strategy, as both are skill-based games and include a minimal amount of luck.

Ease of Rules: As compared to Poker, the rules of 29 Card Game are much simpler to understand and execute. Poker has a strict set of rules and can get complicated for beginners.

Availability: Both Poker and Card Game 29 can be played in-person as well as online for cash. You can download mobile applications and register with a reliable portal to reap the benefits on offer.

Call Break vs 29 Card Game

Objective: Both Call Break and 29 Card Game being trick-taking games, their objective for a player is to win most hands as compared to their opponents. Where the former uses an entire deck of 52 cards barring the Joker, the latter utilises only 32 cards.

Players: Call Break and 29 Card Game starts with 4 players; however, Call Break does not involve partnership among the participants.

Strategy: The best strategy of both games revolves around the use of trump card. In Call Break, the Spade suit is predefined as trump and can best all cards that belong to other suits. In 29 Card Game, only the highest bidder gets to decide and see the trump card.

Ease of Rules: Being moderately popular card games, the rules of Call Break and Card Game 29 are easy to understand. However, bidding rules have their own preconditions and need to be followed thoroughly.

Availability: Call Break and 29 Card Game can both be accessed online.

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