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100% secured and legal

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24/7 customer support

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Massive real cash winnings

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Instant deposits and withdrawals

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Referring a friend is rewarding

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Multiple games

21 Card Rummy Game - Most Popular Real Cash Rummy Game in India

After mastering the art of 10 Card Rummy & 13 Card Rummy, there remains little doubt about conquering other levels as well. Welcome aboard 21 Card Rummy -- the most notable & prolific of all Rummy versions.

Apart from its peers, 21 Card Rummy remains a very strategic and challenging card game that can only be mastered if one understands it's rules and gameplay.

If you are new to playing the game of Rummy, better learn and understand it's rules because 21 Card Rummy isn't the right start for you!

With technology now a part of our lives, it has made sure most of the card games also crossover to online. The likes of Rummy can now be played online and allows a user to earn real money as well!

Online Rummy has quickly become one of the most accepted games across India. Netizens find Rummy very easy to play & also gives them a chance to earn real money. 21 Card Rummy is not child's play & hence, one must get into the nitty-gritty of the online game before giving it a go

The unique aspect of 21 Card Rummy is that there is a use of Jokers. In this variant of Rummy, there's usage of upper and lower jokers. If the cut-joker is a 4 of spades, then the upper joker comes to 5 of spades & the lower jokers is 3 of spades.

One thing that must be noticed that the upper and lower jokers must carry the same suite as the cut-joker. They can also be substituted to any card to form an impure sequence.​

How does scoring work in Indian Rummy 21 Card

In 21 card rummy game, a winner is decided on the basis of a valid declaration. Once that is concluded, the scores for rest of the players are equalled. Here's how the scoring system works -

Value Card Points Per Card
Sterling Joker 30
Paplu (Upper Joker) 20
Taplu (Lower Joker) 20
Marriage cards 100
Printed Joker 20
Trinala 20
Joker Trinala 30
Ace Of Spade 20
2 Of Club 20

Number Of Decks In 21 Cards Rummy

If you are familiar with 21 Cards Rummy or Indian Marriage rummy, one would know that it is a card game that is played with three decks. Each deck carries a standard 52 cards that has been categorised in 4 suits - Diamonds, Clubs, Spades & Hearts. Also, you will find one Joker too in each deck.

This game requires a set of 2-6 players (maximum) to participate.

How A Winning Amount Is Calculated in 21 Card Rummy?

In 21 Card Rummy, if one has to get the winning amount, he/she has to finish the game with a positive score. Here's how the calculation goes -

Winning amount = Positive score of the winner x point value - rake amount

So, for e.g.: In case there are 5 players playing 21 Card Rummy with ₹ 2 per point, & he/she makes 1 valid show, then the rest of the players get -5, -15, -25 & -35 points.

How Does Drop Work in Rummy 21 card game?

The drop option is offered to every player, right throughout the 21 Card Rummy game. If you want to use the drop option, he/she should not go for a card from the open/closed deck in that turn. Here are the types of Drops available for the players -

First Drop - In First drop, the very first turn of the player will result in he/she dropping the game that will lead the player to lose 30 points.

Middle Drop - During the middle drop, the player will lose 70 points if there's a drop from the player after the first move.

Special Case: In case the three turns go missing that will ultimately result in automatic dropping of the player, which allows he/she with the middle drop score.

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How to play 21 Card Rummy online?

Below are the rules you will need to know and understand it well before trying your 'hand' at playing 21 Card Rummy

Whilst playing 21 Card Rummy, when a user is in a valid winning or declaration, he/she must keep knowledge that there consist of the following set of combinations in a 21 Card Rummy game -

Why is playing Rummy on AIO Games Is the Best?

Online Rummy is now made available on many free gaming apps that allow you to earn real cash. But if there's one app that needs no introduction to playing Rummy is AIO Games.

Besides earning real money, AIO Games offers you the best of the best game rewards & advantages that other Online Rummy platforms can't. Here are some of those -

Customer Support -

One of the primary things that is a key value to AIO Games is customer satisfaction. Here at AIO Games we ought to provide the best customer support when it comes down to any issues regarding game play, transactions & withdrawal requests.

Our customer support executives are available to solve the query 24x7. Furthermore, our website also caters to blogs which carry articles pertaining to rummy and other real money games.

Game Interface -

AIO Games' game interface is clean and coherent. A player can effortlesly play 21 card Rummy without any hassle. The basic colour is white and red theme that is easy on the eye.


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