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13 Card Rummy Game - Most Popular Real Money Rummy Game in India

India is a country that is rich in cultures and traditions. Even we have a conventional approach towards some card games and one of the most popular games is 13 card Rummy.

From younger lot right to the elder folks, everyone is used to playing Rummy for entertainment. This 21st century has the charm to recreate the best moments for Indian families with the help of technology.

AIO Games application is India’s leading multi-gaming platform that offers 13 card Rummy. Now players can play 13 card Rummy which is a real money earning game. Yes, you have heard it right. It is the time when you can use your skills to win real cash online by just playing.

Rummy is a conventional card game that has been played over the years in India. It is one of those real money earning games that require high quality skill and intelligence. Recreate the best moments for Indian families with the help of technology.​ ​

Rummy card games have become the real money earning games & gained popularity in India since the mid-20th century.

So, want to know as to how to play Rummy 13 card effectively? Play rummy online on AIO Games & explore the world of online rummy and obtain new skills. Also, play the 13 Card rummy card game against some of the best pros and stand the chance to win real money.

All In One Games app offers every player a chance to play real money earning games that is open 24/7 to earn money online.

What is 13 Card Rummy Game?

With several variants emerging occasionally, the 13 Card rummy game has stood the test of time and is the most preferred Rummy variant. As the name suggests, the game uses a 52-card with 13 cards distributed among all players each.

This game demands skills from the players to create sequences and sets to defeat their adversaries. The rule suggests that out of all the sequences, at least one sequence should be pure and one impure.

A player cannot win the hand unless they create a pure sequence. Depending on the number of participating players, the game uses either one deck or two decks of cards. For more than 4 players, a third deck is used and the game then in total has 6 Joker cards.

As for the online version, you will come across a number of websites and mobile applications hosting 13-card rummy. AIO Games is a trustworthy app, guaranteeing not only top-notch entertainment but also the most handsome financial rewards to its members.

Regardless of whether you are a novice at Rummy or an expert, the card game serves as a great pastime activity.

Why is it called Rummy 13 Card Game?

Since each player involved in the game receives 13 cards for their own eyes, the game is called the Rummy 13 card game. It is easy to play and can be accessed on the Internet, too, through which players can make real cash.

All you are required to do is download the application on your mobile device and register as a member.

Whether you play a 13-card rummy game physically or online, you are guaranteed thorough entertainment. As opposed to the physical version, online games have a limited time duration for the players to play their chance.

This non-stop action keeps all parties involved entertained.

How to play and 13 Card Rummy Rules

How does one play this real money earning game Online Rummy? Well, here we present 13 card Rummy rules -

Pool Games

Pool rummy games consists of 2-6 players and the objective for each player is to keep the score as low as possible. If a player gets a score more than 101/201 then he/she will be eliminated.

101 Pool

Game Rules: In this Rummy, player with the minimum score wins the game.

How To Play Online 13 card Rummy

Drop = 20 points; Middle Drop = 40 points; Full Count = Max 80 points.

Jokers: 2 Wild Card Jokers and Cut Jokers in all rounds

In Winning Hand: 1 Pure Life (Straight Sequence without a Joker) is necessary; 1 more Life with/without Joker is Compulsory.

A player who makes a successful show will get a 0 whereas the other players get a score that is equal to the sum of the values of their cards that are not a part of a valid Life or Set. These scores will get added up after the end of every Round. A player gets eliminated once his/her score is 101 or more.

Also, a re-join is allowed only if none of the player/s is above 79.

Manual Split conditions for all entry amounts:

Auto Split conditions:

For all entry amounts less than or equal to 100:

For all entry amounts greater than 100 and less than 3000:

For entry amount more than or equal to 3000, the Prize Pool will be automatically split between:

Half Count: In case of Deal Show, count for players who have not played yet will be Half Count.

201 Pool

In this version, a Player with the least score at the end is declared the winner.

Here’s how it works

Drop = 25 points; Middle Drop = 50 points; Full Count = Max 80 points.

Jokers: 2 Wild Card Jokers and Cut Jokers in all rounds

Winning Hand: 1 Pure Life (Straight Sequence without a Joker) is compulsory also one more Life with/without Joker is compulsory.

A player who makes a successful Show gets 0; the other players get a score that is equal to the sum of the values of their cards that are not a part of a valid Life or Set. After every round, system adds up the score to declare the winner.

Manual split conditions:

Split prize option is provided only when 3 players are left with drop difference.

Auto split conditions:

For all entry amounts less than or equal to 100:

For all entry amounts greater than 100 and less than 3000:

For entry amount more than or equal to 3000, the Prize Pool will be automatically split between:

Half Count: In case of Deal Show, count for players who have not played yet will be Half Count.

What Makes 13 Card Rummy the Most Popular Rummy Game in India?

By now, you must have understood how popular 13 Card Rummy is in India. There are several reasons behind it apart from the game being accessible online and that you can earn cash prizes by winning.

Good bonding activity:

Being a multiplayer game, 13-card rummy paves way for a good bonding activity. You can play it with your friends, family members, and even with strangers if you opt to play it online.

Exchange of ideas can help you become a better player and with experience, you can devise your own strategies to get out of any problematic situation that you might face in the game.

Multiple versions:

Over time, a number of versions have been developed to attract people to 13-card rummy. Online portals even offer their members a chance to contest for grand prizes by hosting tournaments occasionally.

Make sure that you stay updated to gain access to these tournaments. Pool Rummy is another variant offered, which you can play by paying an entrance fee on the portal.

This game sees players get eliminated if they reach the set point limit. Conversely, if you manage to end with zero points, you win.

New rules:

More often than not, you will notice that the rules online are slightly different than when you play 13-card rummy physically. Developers incorporate this as a strategy to make the game more interesting than it already is.

Free rooms:

If you are unwilling to invest money in rummy games, you can enter the free rooms that are frequented by many players as well as learners. It can be a great way to practice and learn more from experienced patrons just by looking at how they play.

Eventually, if you decide to do it, you can enter paid rooms and compete with other players for the money.

Prizes and rewards:

Arguably the one reason that attracts players to rummy is the cash rewards bestowed upon winners.

You will be pleased to know that the rewards are not meagre, as many people have managed to make a living out of playing 13 rummy online. Remember, the bigger the amount you pay to get into a paid room, the higher the reward.

What's the Score Calculation in 13 card rummy?

Only valid hand bears 0 points.

This game is considered finished when a player puts the first valid hand/show on the table. Each player will get a chance to make the best hand. Indian 13 cards Rummy can be played online with the above rules.

The validity of the cards is responsible for the end score. A player can score a maximum of 80 points on a game. Jack, Queen, King and Ace will bear 10 points each. A player can score

a maximum of 80 points. AIO games app is ready to make you win real cash online by playing 13 cards Rummy.

Download the AIO Games app and play the best 13 card rummy game to win real money. There are multiple free Rummy tournaments available and also cash contests. These 13 card Rummy variants are interesting, and one can win huge by using of skills in the best way possible.

The Objective of 13 Cards Rummy

The objective of 13 Cards Rummy is to form sequences and sets using the 13 cards distributed among players. You must make at least one pure sequence to be in contention to win the hand.

This is one rule that every player needs to follow or else they cannot be declared winners despite forming sets and sequences.

13 Card Rummy Sequence

Forming sequences is a key component of rummy, and as stated, one of the combinations needs to be a pure sequence. All other sequences, except pure sequence, are known as an impure sequence.

A pure sequence is a combination of three or more cards belonging to the same suit and placed sequentially. For instance, cards 4, 5, and 6 of the spades suit form a pure sequence.

On the other hand, an impure sequence contains at least one or more Joker. This Joker can be either a wild card that is selected at random at the beginning of a game or the Printed Joker card.

How Can You Play 13 Card Rummy on AIO Games App?

Once you have downloaded the AIO Games app, you can check the Rummy section under Card Games in the app. AIO Games app offers cash games for Deals Rummy, Points Rummy as well as Pool Rummy.

This is where you can play for cash rewards. See to it that you add cash in your wallet and use that amount to enter the preferred table to play rummy.

Apart from online rummy cash games, you also get access to timely tournaments and contests, which are a great way to earn large and handsome rewards by competing against players of different skills and experience.

These are limited-duration competitions, so, make sure that you stay updated about their commencement date as well as ending date.

As for cash game rooms, you will see a number of rooms with varying entry fees. Remember, the higher the entrée fees, the better the rewards of winning in that room.

If you are a novice to 13-card rummy, try playing in free rooms, as they are a great way to learn about how the game operates.

Glossary / Terms Used in 13 Card Rummy

Here is the list of some terms that you will occasionally hear while playing 13 Card Rummy –


When you speak about dealing, it refers to the distribution of cards among players at the start of every game. The dealer gives each player one card at a time, face down until all of them receive 13 cards. The dealer can be anyone, even one of the participants selected at random.


Joker is one of the most important cards in the 13-card rummy. While forming an impure sequence or set, it can be used as a replacement for a missing card. In rummy, Joker can be either the Printed Joker card or a wild card that is randomly selected from the deck.

Closed deck:

The closed deck is the leftover cards post-distribution of cards among players. The closed deck, as the name indicates, remains face down for the players to pick one card at a time from the top during their turn.

Open deck:

Open deck refers to the pile of discarded cards that are placed face up. In case the player next in turn needs the discarded card, they can use it to form their sequences and sets.


All remaining cards in your hand that do not form a valid set or a valid sequence are called deadwood.


Forming sequences is the objective of 13 Card Rummy. It is essential for one of the sequences to be pure and another to be impure, without which you cannot be in contention for the win.

Pure sequence:

A pure sequence represents a set of three or more cards belonging to the same suit and in sequence.

Impure sequence

An impure sequence contains a Joker, printed or wild, within the set.


In rummy, drop refers to the instance when a player decides to leave the game midway or at the beginning of a hand. This decision is entirely personal and is not frowned upon in any way.


A set is a group of three or more cards of the same rank.


Meld is a combination of cards arranged as a set or a sequence that you can place face up on the table until the current hand ends.

13 Card Rummy Variants

13 Card Rummy itself is a very interesting variant of rummy. Furthermore, this card game has its own variants, viz, Deals Rummy, Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and other rummy tournaments.

Deals Rummy

In Deals Rummy, players receive a set number of cards using which they need to form sequences and sets. Players play for a fixed number of deals and they start with a pre-decided amount of chips each. You win or lose chips depending upon the result of each hand. At the end of the game, the player with the most chips wins the game.

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is arguably the most preferred 13-card rummy variant among fans. As one of the players, you play towards points. In order to win points, you need to declare and get a score of 0. Losing parties, on the other hand, are required to estimate the points of cards that are not a part of the sets. Depending on the tally of their opponents, the winner wins cash rewards.

Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is further subcategorized into 101 Pool and 201 Pool. In both variants, players who reach the tally of 101 or 201, depending on the format they are playing, are eliminated. In order to win the game, you should have at least one pure sequence.

Rummy Tournaments

Online portals and mobile applications host rummy tournaments around the year. Oftentimes, these are paid tournaments in which you can participate and compete against players of different calibre and experience. Tournaments are one of the best ways to win quick cash rewards; additionally, the grand prize can be life-altering.

Download 13 Card Rummy App

Since it is the question of securing your financials online, downloading the ideal 13-card rummy app is pivotal. There are many mobile applications available today, but AIO Games is considered to be the most reliable app out there.

You can access AIO Games round-the-clock to compete against other gamers. To install the mobile application, you can either scan the QR code on their website or provide your phone number to receive a link and then download the apk file.

The next step is to sign up and upon doing so, you will instantly receive a registration bonus to help you kickstart your campaign.

If you are new to the world of Rummy, it is advisable that you try the free room before playing for cash rewards. Once you are confident, you can opt for paid rooms and pay for cash prizes.

13 Cards Rummy for Cash

AIO Games hosts a number of paid tables in which you can participate for cash rewards. The higher the money you invest, the higher the reward if you win.

Moreover, you get the chance to participate in different rummy variations such as Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy and Points Rummy.

You also get access to timely Tournaments and Special Contests to participate in.

Again, do not underestimate the value of practice at Free Tables, as they can help you prepare for challenges that lie ahead. Make sure that you take advantage of this facility and practice in as many games as possible before shifting to cash-based rooms.

The subsequent experience and rewards will be something that you will always cherish.

Tips and Tricks to Win 13 Card Rummy Card Game

Use Joker intelligently: Joker can be an asset when you are looking to finish the game before your opponents. Make sure that you put the Joker cards to use wisely and form the necessary sequences.

Discard high-value cards: Combinations for high-value cards are hard to come by in Rummy. So, unless you already have a set or sequence containing high-value cards, it is best advised to discard them if you are unable to form sets using these cards.

Diligently pursue pure sequence: Forming a pure sequence must be your top priority from the beginning of the game. If you are not careful, forming a pure sequence becomes time-consuming and can result in your opponent beating you at rummy.

Watch what your opponents do: Keeping a close eye on the moves of your opponents can help you get a gist of which values or suits they are going for. Watch which cards they are discarding or picking from the face-up pile. This way, you can block their progress while speeding up your process of forming sequences.

What is the Difference between 13 Card Rummy and 21 Card Rummy?

When you compare 13 card rummy with 21 card rummy, you will notice the below-highlighted differences –

The total number of cards: The difference in the number of cards used in both games is the first thing you will notice, as the 21-card variant uses more cards than 13-card rummy. Also, each player receives 21 cards instead of 13 using which they need to form sets and sequences.

Pure sequences: In 13-card rummy, players are required to form at least one pure sequence. On the other hand, in 21-card rummy, it is compulsory to make three pure sequences without which you cannot be in contention to win the hand.

Use of Joker: Both 13-card rummy and 21-card rummy use Jokers, however, in the latter format, players get upper Jokers and lower Jokers. Let’s say, the wild Joker is 5 of Hearts. If you have 4 of Hearts and 6 of Hearts as a part of your hand, you can use them as lower and upper Jokers, respectively.

Time: 21-card rummy is considered more time-consuming that its 13-card adversary, and for obvious reason, which is a greater number of cards in play. Since there are 8 more cards, players are required to utilise them to form sequences and sets and that takes more time.

Level of difficulty: As compared to 13 card rummy game, 21-card rummy is said to be more difficult. This is the result of the usage of more cards, plus, additional rules that are part of the 21-card rummy.

When you are a beginner, it is advised that you start with the 13-card variant and then make your way to 21-card rummy, if you feel like it. Once you have become proficient in 13-card rummy, you will find 21-card rummy equally easier to play.


What is the Use of Jokers in 13 Card Rummy?

Arguably, Jokers are the most important card in 13 card rummy. A Joker can either be a printed card or a wild card, which is selected at random at the beginning of a hand, and you can use it to form impure sets and sequences.

The only way you can win a 13 Card Rummy game is by meeting its objective, which is to form sets and sequences faster than your opponents and declare your cards.

At the end of the game, you should have 14 cards, one of which needs to be discarded and the remaining 13 cards forming sequences and sets, including a pure sequence.

2 to 6 players can play the rummy 13-card game. It will require you to use a minimum of two decks with one printed Joker per deck.

Each player is dealt 13 cards using which they need to form sets and sequences. It is a rule to make at least one pure sequence without which a player cannot contest for the win.

Yes. However, these tournaments are occasional and contain life-altering rewards. Make sure that you keep visiting this section on the AIO Games app so as to not miss out on any related updates.

13 cards rummy requires players to form at least one pure sequence. A player who declares without meeting this obligation is said to have made an invalid declaration and as a result, is out of contention for a victory.